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PTA aims at the all-round development of a student admitted to the course. PTA plays a vital role in imparting quality education. It is an organization where all the parents and teachers have to participate on equal grounds. All developments in the institution take place under PTA’s patronage and whole hearted co-operation.
Generous allocation of PTA funds has helped the college with better transportation facility. The PTA has sponsored a bus for the college. Prizes and awards are given by the PTA for meritorious students.
In a general meeting of Parents and Teachers, PTA Executive members are elected every year. The Executive body is entrusted to plan, execute and take necessary decisions for the overall development of the students and college. All the parents and teachers shall become members automatically.
All the funds of the association will be deposited in the bank in the name of college PTA and account is operated by the Treasurer with the consent of Principal. All the funds will be utilized for the welfare of the students and to improve college facilities.


  • To raise funds to help the institution provide extra resources for the students by bringing together parents and teachers, and working towards a common goal.
  • To run social events for parents and studens, providing an opportunity for people to get to know each other.
  • To encourage parents to become more involved with the polytechnic and to develop strong links between home and institution.
  • To provide support for institutional events and other special occasions